Master of Fine Arts in Historic Preservation Master of Fine Arts in Historic Preservation


Mississippi State University’s Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Historic Preservation will culminate in a terminal degree, one of the few degrees of its kind in the United States. The MFA degree in Historic Preservation focuses on historic preservation combined with preservation field studies. Upon successful completion of the degree program, students will possess the skills necessary to educate diverse populations and promote historic preservation while employed with non-profit organizations, government agencies, cities, museums, private-sector firms, and in academia.

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Educational Objectives:

Graduates will

  • be equipped to perform in historic preservation occupations with non-profit organizations, government agencies, community development, urban development, museums, private-sector firms, and in academia.
  • be proficient in areas of design, technology, economics, law, planning, and curating as it pertains to historic preservation.
  • have the skills necessary to convey effective leadership, management, and communication practices.
  • have a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of historic preservation as it pertains to history and theory of the designed environment; history and theory of preservation; documentation and recording techniques; practical field application, application-based projects, practicum and communication skills; and an area of concentration in a preservation related field.


Students will complete coursework in history of American architecture, landscape architecture, and interiors; investigation and documentation of structures, interiors, and sites; adaptive reuse of existing buildings and intervention approaches; building materials conservation; historic preservation and conservation; preservation economics and advocacy; conservation of interior details, furniture, materials, and finishes; and additional preservation-related courses available as electives. An interdisciplinary program, approved electives in preservation related courses include tracks in history, anthropology, and public policy.

The MFA in Historic Preservation is open to undergraduates with degrees in design and non-design related fields.

Graduate Certificate

Looking to expand your expertise and opportunities in the field of historic preservation?

Mississippi State University is offering a new online Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation. The certificate can be earned after completing 15 hours of coursework in different areas of preservation.

  • ID 6403: Introduction to Historic Preservation (3 hrs)
  • ID 8163: Historic Preservation Law (3 hrs)
  • ID 8153: History of American Architecture and Landscape Architecture (3 hrs)
  • ID 8263: Interior Details, Furniture, Materials, and Finishes (3 hrs)
  • ID 8463: Historic Preservation Planning (3 hrs)
  • ID 8483: Preservation Economics/Advocacy (3 hrs)

How to Apply

  • Complete an online application:
  • Include your transcripts and letter of purpose.
  • Select “Historic Preservation Certificate” for the online campus.



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