2020 ASID South Central Student Design Competition

Mississippi State University interior design students won 31 out of 54 total awards at the 2020 competition. 

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Residential | Small (2,500 sq. ft. and under)

Silver: Jordan D. Hester

rendering titled "Hester Traditional Residence" - shows layout of interior of one story house with views of some of the stuff inside shown on left and right (lamp, mirror, flowers, books); bottom (l to r): library sketch, living area layout, and exercise area sketch

Residential | Large (Over 2,500 sq. ft.)

Bronze: Addison K. Buntin

hand rendering of bathroom


Gold: Katelyn M. Jenkins

hand rendering of what looks like the inside of a purse shop

Gold: Jessica N. McEachern and Mary “Kate” Charlton

(no photo available)

Silver: Jordan D. Hester and Virginia “Jenna” J. Porter

"bombay" board - top: perspective rendering A of inside of a restaurant at bar; next: perspective rendering C of inside of a restaurant with long tables; next: perspective B of smaller tables with greenery

Silver: Hannah N. Hancock and Katelyn M. Jenkins

computer rendering of a bar - wood wall behind

Silver: Ryann N. Cook

computer rendering shows spot in hotel outside of gold elevator doors - mosaic art on wall

Silver: Jayla J. Dorse and Samantha R. Wilson

computer rendering of outside space with rock

Bronze: Addison K. Buntin and Emily C. Gafford

computer rendering of people eating - red chairs, wood tables, blue ceiling


Bronze: Ryann N. Cook

(no photo available)


Silver: Ryann N. Cook

computer rendering of waiting room - white couches, wooden partition

Silver: Jennifer P. Langham, Jessica N. McEachern, Jaylin A. Gilland, Sharnae T. Hayslett, and Megan P. Robinson

computer rendering of reception desk "facing essence dermatology and spa"

Silver: Jordan D. Hester

board with company profile, conceptual design, design goals, and color scheme information. right side shows landscape/design inspiration photos


Silver: Ryann N. Cook

colorful hand rendering - space with several separate meeting spots

Original Product Design

Gold: Jordan D. Hester

lamp that looks like a hamburger

Gold: Katelyn M. Jenkins

lamp - wood square base with wood spikes coming out in circle around light

Silver: Hannah N. Hancock

Japanese Cochin lamp

Silver: Mary McClung

3 square sides with colorful string wrapped around

Silver: Addison K. Buntin

lamp looks like wedding cake

Silver: Jaylin A. Gilland and Jayla J. Dorse

feathers on circular bronze base

Bronze: Emily C. Gafford and Ashlyn M. Cummins

chair with gold legs and black fuzz on seat

New Student Spotlight | Commercial

Silver: Molly P. Taylor

concept and design drawings of front entrance, indoor door and signage, private study room, and outdoor lounge area

View Molly's full project.

Computer Generated Rendering

Silver: Jordan D. Hester and Virginia “Jenna” J. Porter

computer rendering of spa - shows water at right

Silver: Jordan D. Hester and Virginia “Jenna” J. Porter

computer rendering of tables at restaurant

Bronze: Jordan D. Hester

computer rendering of bar - gold and green color scheme

Hand Rendering

Gold: Katelyn M. Jenkins

hand rendering of inside of house - black beams, white walls

Silver: Molly P. Taylor

indoor hand rendering - shows unique furniture and bar/bar stools

Silver: Addison K. Buntin

hand rendering - modern round gray chairs, red walls

Silver: Jayla J. Dorse

hand rendering shows couch and carpet

Silver: Jordan D. Hester

hand rendering shows glass table with chairs around it, teal light fixture


Bronze: Ryann N. Cook

computer rendering of rooftop bar circular tables, each with a circular black light over

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