ID 1683: Interior Design Graphics

One hour lecture, four hours laboratory. Introduction to manual drafting and tools/techniques used by interior designers in executing and reading graphic language in two dimensional form. 

The main objective of this class is to learn a new language, the visual language of design communication. Students will be introduced to the tools and equipment required to create this language, and through a series of increasingly complicated exercises and drawings, students will begin to understand the communication of construction drawings using residential design as the medium. 

Topics Covered: 

  • Construction Documents 
  • Working Drawing Concepts 
  • Line types and line weight 
  • Hand lettering 
  • Orthographic drawing 
  • Floor plans, sections, elevations, and details 
  • Furniture selection and layout 
  • Floor plan rendering in black and white 
  • Symbols and abbreviations 
  • Pictorial drawing 
  • Reading Construction Documents 

Daily Notebook:

Each notebook consists drawings using techniques learned in class. 

View some of our students' notebooks from previous years:

Final Project:

The final project is an abbreviated set of house plans for a small house. It is six sheets of 11x17 drawings including elements learned throughout the semester. These include: plans, elevations, sections, oblique drawings, rendered floor plans and schedules. 

View some of our students' final projects from previous years:


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